Uplifting Stories

Embracing Opportunities

For the past two weeks, Caleb Carter, a caring and spirited young man from Milang, has been embarking on a life changing journey with Orana Murray Bridge.

Caleb found the first few days were all about integrating into the Orana community, a NDIS provider renowned for empowering individuals with disabilities.

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Smiles are Free

Cadeyrn Smith of Murray Bridge advocates for disability awareness and the rights of all individuals – his infectious smile constantly encourages others to never lose hope.

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Artistic Surveyor of the Universe

Alan Loi of Lameroo arrived with his mother and siblings from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1985 – it was here that they were reunited with their husband and father, an ex-serving South Vietnamese soldier. Initially settling in North Melbourne, Victoria, the family later relocated to Footscray, Victoria.

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A Place for Olly to Share

Championing their Olly, and with a dream of helping others with similar dyslexia, level one autism and depression issues, Lisa, and Darren Henly their children Olly, Charleigh and Harry, sold everything, forsaking their city lifestyle, to develop a dream in an old dairy in Jervois, South Australia.

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