Fresh Perspective Photography

Primarily delivering one-on-one mentoring and group tutorials/workshops for people with a disability, Fresh Perspective Photography (FPP) empowers people to express and share their outlook on life through the art of photography.

Offered by Genuine Support Services Australia (GSSA) as a part of their visual arts program, FPP provides participants with support and personal mentoring, professional entry-level tools, and an in-house studio, along with a state-of-the-art Adobe Creative processing station to meet their objectives. Whilst Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are available, FPP encourages individuals to understand and use their cameras before upgrading to more professional equipment.

FPP fosters participants to progress at their own pace, ensuring everyone in the program enjoys photography and all that it brings to their lives.

Customising programs to fit GSSA client’s aims and aspirations, FPP programs comprise casual walk-and-talk field trips, regular one-on-one mentoring and group tutorials/workshops, smartphone photography lessons, in-house studio and lighting sessions, image storage, and processing workshops, gallery and exhibition visits, annual photographic retreats, and monthly photography excursions. The program also offers regular guest speaker/model shoots, culminating in the annual FPP celebration exhibition.

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