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Welcome to Genuine Support Services Australia


At Genuine Support Services Australia we embrace the unique qualities of every individual, build on skills and independence, create strong connections within the community and assist people on the NDIS living with Disability to grow, unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

At Genuine Support Services Australia we value the importance of choice and control and dignity of risk in everyday life. We believe that people living with disability have the right to have support to meet their goals and everyday needs as well as participate equally as part of our society and community.

We value and respect diversity in culture and the individuality in each person we encounter.
We treat every individual with sensitivity, courtesy and respect including protecting the confidentiality of all our participants.
We value the importance of building strong relationships with our participants through open and honest communication.


Based in Murray Bridge, GSSA is a Registered NDIS provider and provides NDIS supports in both the Murraylands and surrounding areas.

Genuine Support Services Australia Art Class

Our range of services are as follows:


In Home

Support Services & Personal Care


Therapeutic Supports


Respite Services & Support


Social & Community Participation



Duties & General Maintenance


School Leavers Employment Support (SLES)

“Lovely people loved the atmosphere and mixing with new people I haven’t met before, good company and lots of good laughs.
I had a good time.”

Lisa Smith
GSSA Bowling Night

“I enjoyed bowling, the atmosphere and talking to people on my team.”

Ben Hedger
GSSA Bowling Night

“I think everything was perfect, I had a great time and laughed lots.
I liked that I was put into a team on lane 1 as its closer to the ramp for me making it easier for me to walk up the ramp to bowl.”

Nancy Steicke
GSSA Bowling Night
Genuine Support Services Australia Cafe & Cooking Classes

 At GSSA we offer a range of activities that encourage social inclusion with a sense of adventure and discovery.


The GSSA'S community hub vision is to support our local community by providing a safe, warm and welcoming environment with low-cost meal options and is open to the public on a Friday. Our fully functional Café style commercial kitchen (also used for cooking classes) offers work experience for those wanting to gain skills in the hospitality industry or who simply wish to be a part of supporting our amazing community. 

How can GSSA help?


If you are interested in how we can best support you please call 8166 7577 to speak with one of our friendly intake team, or visit the Contact Us page to send a message and we will assist you with your enquiry.

Genuine Support Services Australia Arts & Crafts
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