A Fresh Perspective on Photography

Formerly of Meningie, photographer and SA Ambulance Service Volunteer, Tiarnie Ling of Murray Bridge, joins Genuine Support Services Australia’s, Fresh Perspective Photography, bringing years of photographic inspiration to people with disability.


SA Ambulance Volunteer, Tiarnie Ling of Murray Bridge receiving an incoming call to action.
(Photo SA Ambulance Service)

“I’ve enjoyed taking photographs since school, my art class teacher was a real inspiration for me,” Tiarnie said. “I really love being the person who captures the moments so memories can stay alive - whether it’s when I am with friends, family, on holiday, exploring different towns, or eating different foods - I enjoy capturing every moment.”

Before joining Genuine Support Services Australia (GSSA) as a Support Worker, Tiarnie was the Digital Marketer with Coorong Realty, tasked with creating and collecting content for social media and industry newsletters.


Tiarnie Ling checking her settings in a Tailem Bend Garden, before taking the shot.
(Photo Coorong Realty)

“It was my passion for helping people, that lead me to Gabby and her team at GSSA,” Tiarnie said. “The work is so rewarding and fulfilling, and seeing your support for others, whether it be big or small, making such a difference in people’s lives is such a privilege.”

“I think championing the aspirations of GSSA’s Fresh Perspective Photography, is a natural progression for me,” Tiarnie said. “Taking photos can really help people’s personal wellbeing, it can help them step out of their comfort zone by encouraging them to get out, surrounding themselves in nature or challenge themselves to different and challenging experiences.”

“I know that when I am on my own taking photos, I feel distracted - in a good way of course, my mind is free from racing thoughts, I’m only thinking about what I am capturing, it makes me feel content that I can save these moments forever.”

For many, taking photographs is a form of self-therapy, a relaxing way to express their feelings and their understanding of the world around them. Some Photographers use their cameras as a tool to overcome personal stress, social anxiety, and as a way of creative self-expression.

Fresh Perspective’s Senior Photographer, Glenn Power of Tailem Bend, believes that photography isn’t only about taking photographs.


Glenn Power of Fresh Perspective Photography posing for an impromptu GSSA FPP Noir Portrait lesson in the Apple Store, Adelaide.
(Photo Arron Hender)

“I think as photographers, we often make the mistake of thinking that photography is only about capturing great images,” Glenn said. “I have found photography to be about healing souls, about finding the hidden nuances in life, the magnificence around us – finding beauty in the ordinary.”

Photography can also help people find more confidence, firstly to have the confidence to make art, then to share it, and then to be judged for it. “I love seeing the smiles of our members exhibiting their work and the satisfaction on their faces, when they sell their first piece of art,” Glenn said. “Some of our members have gone on to negotiate paid photographic assignments with local government, others have taken to styles like Street and Event Photography - I have seen them grow in their personal courage, building on their skills of interacting with different people and occasionally, how to handle some less positive situations.”

Photography relieves stress, anxiety, and the frustrations in life - like going for a walk. “For me, there is nothing better for my soul, than just going for a nice walk – I always have my iPhone on me, so it’s nice not to have all my heavy camera gear around my neck or in my backpack,” Glenn said. “It forces me to disconnect from my ‘work’ thoughts and allows me to focus on the beauty around me.”

The natural ability of finding beauty in the mundane of everyday life is a talent that needs to be nurtured – it needs time and space. “You can find beauty in the smallest and the largest of things,” Glenn said. “You can photograph interesting things anytime and anywhere - you don’t even have to share them, shoot for the sake of shooting and you will find beauty all around you – even in the things you might have easily overlooked without your camera.”

Glenn is eager to have Tiarnie as part of his team, “Although it may only be for the odd lesson or two between Tiarnie’s other support work, but as demand grows it’s going to be wonderful to have an alternative perspective from a female photographer to support our participants,” Glenn said.

Primarily delivering one-on-one mentoring and group tutorials/workshops for people with a disability, Genuine Support Services Australia’s Fresh Perspective Photography empowers people to express and share their outlook on life through the art of photography.

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