• Gabrielle Mackenzie


Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Hi my name is Gabrielle and I just want to share with you a little bit about myself. I have started Genuine Support Services Australia because I have a genuine passion and desire to support people to achieve their life goals. We all have inspirations in life, goals that we are achieving or working towards. These goals and the plans around them, the excitement of the idea or the completion of a task, I feel, gives us as human beings, motivation, a will for life, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of self worth and a sense of achievement. I am excited to be apart of assisting people living with disability, to have access to the right tools and support which enables people to experience these feelings also. All the things that are a part of what makes life beautiful. Why and where does this passion come from? Disability has always been something that was part of my life, growing up with my mother who lives with a disability, I have had support workers come and go in our lives, my whole life, to help my mother achieve her goals including her goal of parenting me.. I’ve seen what it takes to make a good support worker, and I’ve also seen and experienced the impact that the wrong support can have on someone with a disability and their family. This includes taking away someone’s choice or rights or independence . In year 10 I chose to do my work placement in disability and from that point knew I wanted to be a part of this in one way or another. I went on to become a support worker at age 19 and from there have had many wonderful opportunities through some really great organisations that I’ve had the pleasure of working for. I have been a support worker, worked in aged care, been a team leader and also had opportunities as a case worker and case manager in other areas of community services such as Aboriginal family support services , homelessness, foster placement and most recently a family program, which assists families to address barriers that are preventing them from achieving their education and employment goals. I feel blessed to have had such wonderful experiences and now want to use these skills and experiences I had and offer you a service that I know you will find supportive, encouraging and professional.


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