Artistic Surveyor of the Universe

Alan Loi of Lameroo arrived with his mother and siblings from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1985 – it was here that they were reunited with their husband and father, an ex-serving South Vietnamese soldier. Initially settling in North Melbourne, Victoria, the family later relocated to Footscray, Victoria.

Unsettled with adolescence, Alan left home at age 17, regretfully, not finishing year 12. “The phase between moving from childhood to adulthood can be difficult,” Alan said. “I had a few extra things to contend with.”

It was during this unique stage of his personal development and understanding the importance of laying a sound foundation for good health into the future, that Alan met his lifelong partner, Gary.

“Unfortunately, I had to leave my family at 17 years and 3 months,” Alan said. “I moved to St Kilda, and I’m so grateful to all the social workers who supported me through this difficult time.”

It wasn’t long before Alan, a self-taught visual artist and search engine optimiser, found longstanding employment with an Oakleigh Commercial Graphic Design Studio.

“Life was brilliant, until my road accident in 2011 on Toorak Road, Toorak,” Alan said. “The world changed dramatically for both Gary and me, at that time.”

Alan began his lifelong voyage to recovery at Epworth Healthcare, Camberwell under the care of Dr Sandra Farquharson, with one of the largest private rehabilitation services in Victoria.


Examples of Alan Loi’s fresh approach to planetary cartography and local photography.

“Dr Sandra discharged me, and I got my skull back,” Alan said.

Alan, to this day, continues to strive every minute of every day to improve his transition back into the world.

“I’ve been interested in space and the universe for three years now – and I want to be famous because I died and came back,” Alan said.

“I got a second chance, so I want to make the most of it, “Alan said. “I really want to be able to communicate with people better, especially my family and friends – and share my new creative thoughts with the world.”

As a result of the road accident, Alan was left with an acute frontal lobe injury - Acquired Brian Injury or ABI.

Studies theorise that frontal lobe damage seems to impact on lateral thinking, a process of creating multiple, unique ideas or solutions to a problem that a person is trying to solve.  There is also evidence showing lingering interference with attention and memory, even after good recovery - one of the most common effects of frontal lobe damage can be a dramatic change in social behaviour.

Moving to Lameroo from Tasmania in 2022. “It was Sue from McArthur who arranged for me to meet Glenn, from Genuine Support Services Australia, Dave, from Emerge Counselling, and Bethany, from Country Health Connect for my NDIS plan,’” Alan explained. “It’s pretty good, it makes me happy about what I write and draw and what I take photos of.”

Alan has recently purchased a large Telescope for Astrophotography and he has his unique graphic artwork on display at the Lameroo & District Historical Society. He also has numerous clips on YouTube and a website in progress.


Alan Loi of Lameroo preparing to develop wish Astrophotography skills with his with his recently acquired Telescope.

“I want to help people, especially my family and friends, to pause and give my new creativity a chance,” Alan said. “Glenn has helped me explain my art and that my brain injury has helped me become an artistic surveyor of the Universe.”

Alan appreciates his regular trips to Murray Bridge for medical appointments, shopping, and nice simple lunches in the food mall. He especially enjoys his visits to his regular Chinese Restaurant in Mt Barker and his monthly trip to Adelaide to worship at his Buddhist Tempel and do a little Asian shopping.

Alan and Gary will be moving to Horsham, Victoria in early 2024 to be closer to family.


Alan Loi (Condor) was born in Vietnam of heavenly parents, and loves art, science, technology, designing and programming. Alan is now a dedicated artist who draws 365 earthly days a year and dwells among other stellar artists in the dark atmospheres of Lameroo, South Australia. Alan reveals feats of reducing Asgardian construct and the shifting planets at will, creating, and containing entire pocket universes in his art.

Since Alan’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) accident in 2001, he has developed himself as a gifted Surveyor of the Universe’s art and culture, acquiring celestial powers. He has the cerebral capacity of flight, invulnerability, telepathy, energy manipulation, reality warping and space-time manipulation, to name a few.

The Condor’s art sings as the doors of planetary travel open for the minds of creative galactic travellers. Come with us as we trek the cosmos consuming the Condor’s planetary cartography of extraterrestrial solid objects outside of our earthly matter. Be guided by the Condor’s planetary maps that illustrate spatially mapped characteristics such as topography, geology, and geophysical properties for extraterrestrial surfaces of exoplanets.

Liberate yourself of earthly constitutions and employ your celestial body, to travel into Condor’s sky observing his universe of artful thoughts and astronomical fastidiousness of intelligence.

Be sure to join in the forums to journey with your thoughts and questions – please feel free to share. Alan loves to read and respond to your comments. His goal is to find linguistic support through his creativity.

Follow Condor’s triangulations on Facebook or visit him on he enjoys reading your comments and sharing his thoughts on the universe.

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